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Fire Stones

Fire Stones is an innovative company with new ideas and concepts designed to make South Africa's favourite hobby, Braaing as best as possible. One of these innovative ways is by using a whole new way to start a fire, called Fire Stones. We have been manufacturing, marketing and distributing our own range of reusable firelighters under the name Fire Stones.

*Brand New Products Coming Soon!

Fire Stones Availability

We have entered into an agreement with Outdoor Warehouse to Supply them with our branded Fire Stone products called Fire Side. Through this partnership, we have made it easier for our customers to purchase and enjoy this unique product and many more that are on their way!

Where to Buy Fire Stones:

Bringing The Future


Fire Stones Advantages

• Cost-effective

• Time-saving

• Environmental friendly

• Easy to use

• A product that can last user a lifetime, if looked after. Never buy firelighters again

• Ideal for gifting

• Ideal Corporate Gift for customers which can then be branded to suit your company

• Ideal to be resold in your supermarket or outdoor store

• Ideal for regional agent resellers

• Ideal for holiday resorts which can also be branded

Please feel free to contact us for any information or inquiries.


OutThere Monthly Magazine

“This is one of those products that has me wondering: why didn’t somebody think of this before? In a braai-mad country like South Africa, it seems crazy that a more affordable alternative to conventional fire lighters hasn’t been invented until now. Anyway, well done to the chaps at Silver Stone Marketing for doing just that"

GO Magazine

“These reusable firelighters are chunks of porous, heat resistant stones soaked in paraffin. They burn like regular firelighters. Once the braai is over, just pop them back into the supplied container, and top it up with paraffin and they’re as good as new.”